About us

Ladders-Online Malaysia was founded in mid-2015 out of frustration when we noticed that our many-years-running customers were unable to buy a good and reliable ladder at the right sizes from their local hardware store. The usual ladders in store is too limited in varieties, and too limited in sizes as well. Our customers also feedback to us regarding the messy and stuffy environment in a local hardware store, and they asked a simple question:

“Why can’t we just buy a good ladder online?”

With a strong desire of improving and enhancing Malaysia’s eCommerce. We see no reason why people should have to stuck in traffic jams, pay increasingly higher toll fees and parking fees, and queue up at the cashier, just to buy something? To us at Ladders-Online, shopping should be easy. This is no longer 1970s, and shopping should be made easy on mobile and accessible anytime in this era of Google and Facebook internet. We took the time and understood what our customers need. So, we’ve decided to come ONLINE and be seen on PHONE.


To provide the best online shopping experience so that when you think of ladder, you would think of Ladders-Online.


Ladders-Online have been supplying ladders throughout Malaysia since 2015, and we are now firmly established as the leading Malaysia online ladder supplier. As you can see, we are a specialist on ladders. We don’t do this as a sideline; our business is selling ladders online.


To have happy customers, and to match you with your needed safe working equipment, giving you pleasant experience shopping online.

Ladders-Online  are a division of Ladders Enterprise, a registered business in Malaysia.

Sales Leader

Our sales team leader and ladder expert. Likes to spend time reading up on science. Love the movie “The Martian”.

Sales Admin

Our sales admin. Like to go online shopping on 11street and watch Korean O’pa drama.


Our designer. Loves arts. Enjoys cooking during her spare time, and chilling out during weekends.

Penny Tham
Accounts Leader

Our accounts and numbers expert. Loves spending time with her children, and having a good laugh with friends and family.