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Heavy Duty Light Weight Step Ladder


5.00 out of 5
  • 12-Months Guarantee
  • Type: Heavy Duty
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Rating: 100kg
  • Side: Single / Double sided
  • Multiple Sizes Available

Within 3-5 working days

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** Refer to the simple Height selection Pictorial and Details at the bottom of the page. **

L0201 Single 4 1.09m 0.98m 1.98m RM156.95
L0202 Single 5 1.37m 1.23m 2.23m RM163.95
L0203 Single 6 1.64m 1.48m 2.48m RM192.95
L0203D (Double) 6 1.64m 1.48m 2.48m RM252.95
L06406D (DS-150kg) 6 1.64m 1.48m 2.48m RM425.00
L0204 Single 7 1.91m 1.72m 2.72m RM235.65
L0204D (Double) 7 1.91m 1.72m 2.72m RM302.85
L06407D (DS-150kg) 7 1.91m 1.72m 2.72m RM499.00
L0205 Single 8 2.19m 1.97m 2.97m RM287.95
L0205D (Double) 8 2.19m 1.97m 2.97m RM352.65
L06408D (DS-150kg) 8 2.19m 1.97m 2.97m RM553.80
L0206 Single 9 2.46m 2.22m 3.22m RM341.85
L0206D (Double) 9 2.46m 2.22m 3.22m RM422.35
L0207 Single 10 2.74m 2.47m 3.47m RM384.95
L0207D (Double) 10 2.74m 2.47m 3.47m RM480.95
L0208 Single 11 3.01m 2.71m 3.71m RM426.85
L0208D (Double) 11 3.01m 2.71m 3.71m RM538.75
L0209 Single 12 3.29m 2.96m 3.96m RM510.95
L0209D (Double) 12 3.29m 2.96m 3.96m RM627.35
L0210 Single 14 3.84m 3.46m 4.46m RM673.85
L0214D (Double) 14 3.84m 3.46m 4.46m RM817.65
L0211 Single 16 4.38m 3.95m 4.95m RM960.85
L0211D (Double) 16 4.38m 3.95m 4.95m RM1103.65
L06418D* (Double) 18 5.05m 4.42m 5.67m RM2532.00
L06420D* (Double) 20 5.61m 4.92m 6.23m RM2800.00
L06422D* (Double) 22 6.15m 5.45m 6.75m RM3127.85
L06424D* (Double) 24 6.71m 5.75m 7.11m RM3565.00

*For 18 to 24 Steps, due to the great heights and for added safety, these ladders are constructed to be Extra Heavy Duty to take on up to 180KG.

Manufactured using heavy-duty channel section aluminium, this Heavy Duty Light Weight Aluminium Step Ladder is one of our top sellers. This Step Ladder is perfect for daily general household use, retail stores, restaurants, factories, and warehouses access.

It is manufactured to match a exceptional high load rating of 100 kg standards for daily use by all professions, shops, restaurants, warehouses who need durable, strong ladders. Every step ladder is load tested to 100kg to ensure high standard quality and durability.

This Heavy Duty Light Weight Aluminium Step Ladder gives you a rock solid feeling whenever you need to move your stocks form shelf to shelf, changing light bulbs, cleaning, and reaching for heights.

You don’t have to worry about asking for help, as with this strong ladder, you can do the work by yourself, and get it done safely, quickly, and well done. This very well-built ladder is suitable for men and women. You can be sure everyone will be satisfied with this step ladder.

The deep steps are wide, deep grooved and strongly riveted for extra strength. Hinged metal locking stays prevent twisting, reinforced rear stays, and high-rigidity constructed back leg, add greater stability.

The Heavy Duty aluminium ladder is lightweight to carry, easy to open out and use and easily folds away for storage or transport. You can easily lift and carry the ladder all by yourself. Fitted with non-slip feet, riveted in place to prevent coming loose, you can expect years of service from this fine class heavy duty step ladder.

This Heavy Duty ladder comes in both single sided or double sided. Single sided ladders are good enough for reaching for heights, especially used by one person. If you intend to have 2 person on the ladder for minor renovation works, the double sided ladder is great for you.

Available in 5 step, 7 step, 8 step, 10 step, 12 step, 14 step, 16 step and various other step sizes. This lightweight Heavy Duty step ladder will fit most of your online shopping needs. Just a few click and a long ladder reaches your door step and you don’t have to worry about fitting the ladder into you car.

Our fast FREE Shipping to your door gives you peace of mind and to quickly let you focus on getting the job done well.

This step ladder is available in a range of heights / steps. To order one, just Click on Buy Now.


Single, (Double), (DS-150kg)


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24


1.09m, 1.37m, 1.64m, 1.91m, 2.19m, 2.46m, 2.74m, 3.01m, 3.29m, 3.84m, 4.38m, 5.05m, 5.61m, 6.15m, 6.71m


0.98m, 1.23m, 1.48m, 1.72m, 1.97m, 2.22m, 2.47m, 2.71m, 2.96m, 3.46m, 3.95m, 4.67m, 5.23m, 5.75m, 6.11m, 5.45m, 4.92m, 4.42m


1.98m, 2.23m, 2.48m, 2.72m, 2.97m, 3.22m, 3.47m, 3.71m, 3.96m, 4.46m, 4.95m, 5.67m, 6.23m, 6.75m, 7.11m


12 Month Guarantee

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